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One of the most watched Christian Artist Groups, GMAA 2019 Group of the Year, and Dollywood Artists

The McNeills are relatively new to the Christian music scene, having been in the ministry for only 5 years.  In that time, they have had the opportunity to do some amazing things - bridging the generational gaps with their unique style, variety of music and their lineup.  From praise and worship, to bluegrass, to a Capella, to country gospel, to the great hymns of old, The McNeills truly have something that everyone can enjoy.  

It’s often said when talking about music that there’s nothing sweeter than family harmony.  With a family of 12, ranging from 52 to 6 years of age, The McNeills are living up to that belief.   Dad (bass/piano), Mom (mandolin, penny whistle), the oldest daughter (guitar) and the oldest son (fiddle/cajone) make up the main vocal group, but at different points in a concert, ALL of The McNeills join in for a concert that you won't forget.  The group has been garnering attention across the nation, going into churches, singing at festivals and conventions, and being broadcast across the US on radio, as well as across the world with their viral video. 

What The McNeills have been up to:

  • Joined up with Grammy Award Winning Producer and gospel singer, Ben Isaacs of The Isaacs,  for their latest CD project
  • Invited to sing at the National Quartet Convention Artist Showcase  for five years (2015-2019)
  • Main Stage Appearance at 2018 National Quartet Convention
  • Main Stage Appearance at 2018 and 2019 Singing In The Sun Gospel Sing
  • Invited to sing at the Dollywood Southern Gospel Jubilee
  • Invited to sing at the 48th and 50th Annual Seminole, Ok Gospel Sing
  • Invited to sing at the Gatlinburg Gathering
  • Invited to sing at Singing In The Sun
  • Became one of the most viewed Christian Artist Groups (including all christian genres) with their viral "Silo Series" video of "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" - a rare occurrence in Gospel Music, and virtually unheard of for such a new group. 
  • Voted 2017 and 2019 "Group of the Year" by their fellow musicians in the Gospel Music Artist Association
  • Landon voted 2018 Youth Male Vocalist of the Year through SGMA and 2019 Group Male Vocalist of the Year through GMAA
  • Caylie voted 2018 Group Female Vocalist of the Year through GMAA
  • Appeared live on the ABC Morning Show out of Corpus Christi
  • Had a Top 100 charting single on their first ever major CD release
  • Shared the stage with gospel greats such as The Isaacs, The Easters, The Hoppers, Joseph Habedank, The Nelons, The Erwins, and Larry Ford

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and give you a little insight into who we are!  We will kick the introductions off with the main quartet of singers, followed by the cutest backup singers you have ever seen, and then end it with our very own support crew (and quartet in waiting) - the ones that we affectionately call "the littles".  We are blessed beyond measure!  We hope you enjoy your time getting to know our family. 

Chris McNeill

Also known as Daddy, Chris is the beloved father/husband of the family. He is The McNeills “one man band” – playing the keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass; musical arranger;   sound tech;  and the singer of all harmony parts no one else wants/will take.  It’s a tough job, but he’s definitely up to the task.   He has passed his love of music down to his children – both vocally and instrumentally.   He grew up singing in the Church choir, leading middle school and high school choirs and finished off by leading worship in the "Rock N Roll" service at First Baptist Church of Garland.  When Chris is not singing, he enjoys working around the farm and chopping wood.  

Michelle McNeill

Also known as Mama, Michelle is our publicist, booking agent, public relations officer, website and graphic designer, our HR person, and most importantly, our lead vocalist (sometimes anyway... we kinda like to shake things up!). She is the centerpiece of our home and is the driving force behind most things we do.  Michelle plays the penny whistle and the mandolin.   In all of her spare time, she homeschools this crew, writes educational software for special needs children, works on fixing up the bus, gardens,  and makes organic skin and hair care products. 

Caylie McNeill

Caylie is the oldest (and to date, most ambitious).  She is what set our musical journey in motion.  God gave her a dream and she threw the whole of her being, her passion, behind that dream.    It was her vision for us to start  singing together as a family.  She began playing the guitar at 16 and hasn’t looked back.  When her musical “self” awakened, it was firmly fixed on Southern Gospel and Bluegrass and expanded from there.  Although not surprising (the nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree), it was quite a delight to her parents.  Caylie has become an amazing songwriter and arrange and writes many of the songs on our projects. She is fun, smart, and a blessing to those around her.  She sings harmony in the quartet (but can often be found in lead...). 

Landon McNeill

Landon, the oldest son, has more personality than many small countries.  He is our part time lead vocalist and tenor, and sometimes bass.  Like we said, we like to mix it up!   He is also our resident comedian.  Wait ‘til you see his impersonation of Mark Lowery, or Jake Hess.   At the ripe old age of 20 and towering height of 6’3”, his puppy-dog eyes, bushy tail, and witty brain are sure to melt your heart or have you in stitches within minutes.  He loves the fiddle, older music (and new!), and plays the cajone. Really, he can play any instrument he picks up (therefore, he is not allowed to touch our instruments...)!  Landon was blessed to be given his Great Grandfather's fiddle (his namesake!) when Landon Matthew passed away.  He is carrying on a family tradition and doing an amazing job along the way.   When not “fiddling around”, Landon takes care of the critters on the family farm and owns his own T-shirt making business. 

On to our super cute backup singers.  They are our "quartet in waiting"!  They love singing as much as we do and are thoroughly enjoying this journey.  It always amaze us that, with 10 children, EVERY.SINGLE.ONE loves music!

Ashleigh McNeill

This song-loving, joy-filled beauty is one of our all-important backup vocalists and part of the heartwarming children’s choir.  As she is so very apt to tell you, she is 22 going on 23 and is learning to play the autoharp.  When she got to meet Mark Lowery and Bill Gaither, she was quite certain that marriage was in her not-too-distant-future.  Then, she met Ben Isaacs and found her new best friend (they are truly the best of friends today).  Ashleigh can be heard singing almost all day long, while she takes care of cleaning her room, the kitchen and the bathroom.  She simply adores the Gaithers and just about ALL music.  If you need to motivate Ashleigh, all you need to do is tell her you are going to turn off the music!  LOL!  She doesn't let her diagnosis of Down Syndrome hold her down - especially in the music department!  She spends her days writing up the set list for when she gets to sing with the Gaither Vocal Band.

Grace McNeill

Grace (aka Gracie) is our giggle-filled, piano learnin' firecracker.  Grace is a vivacious, effervescent young lady who loves bugs as much as she does "girlie things".  She is a budding pianist, part of the "Little Girls Quartet", one of our backup vocalists, and is well on her way to adding a new twist to the quartet.  Grace makes headbands and necklaces for our product table. Her smile will light up a room, as her laughter fills it.

Brianna McNeill

A sweetie with a big heart for people…especially babies! She is an enthusiastic member of the "The Little Girls Quartet" and children’s choir. Her choice instrument is the banjo and she has amazed us with her abilities on this instrument. Her beautiful smile will charm even the hardest of hearts, and her twinkling, playful somewhat sassy spirit (in a good way) will have you laughing.  Brianna is a huge helper around the house, makes jewelry for our product table, and is Michelle’s mini-me.

Hannah McNeill

Our bubbly, energetic, always smiling, warm cutie that is a real hugger! She loves singing in the "The Little Girls Quartet" and as a backup vocalist for the grownups.  For her first instrument, she picked a blue, yes blue, fiddle and is doing a great job of keeping up with her older, fiddling sibling.  Hannah is the youngest fiddler, that also loves to help in the kitchen, bakes amazing cookies, makes earrings and bracelets for the product table and is a huge help around the house.  She has a heart as big as Texas.

Last, but certainly not the least, are our delightful little ones!  Their sweet personalities add so much joy and energy to our family.  They can sometimes be found working our their own songs and creating their duets, trios and quartets!

Samuel McNeill

A.K.A Sammy…  Finally another boy!  This hardworking  little man is an absolute delight to our family. He is ready and willing to lend a helping hand and is definitely Daddy’s little helper.  He is quick to encourage us as we are working on music and likes to join along by practicing his shaker/drumming skills. He makes a wonderful addition to our children’s choir and before we know it, I’m sure he’ll be singing backup too!  His heart's desire is to learn to play the drums and he got his first drum set last Christmas!  Sammy can do anything he puts his mind, often fixing broken things that nobody else can fix.  We can't wait to add him to the band.   

Madelynn McNeill

Maddie is our spunky tomboy.  She is full of personality, smiles and energy!  She longs to begin playing the guitar, so was excited to get one last Christmas!   This little gal is an eager and spirited singer and thoroughly enjoys joining in the choir.  She is the final member of the "Little Girls Quartet".    As with most little girls these days, she is willing and able to belt out a few lines of “Let It Go”. 

Ayden McNeill

You’ve gotta keep your eye on this  little fella. He may be cute, but don’t be fooled. Behind those sparkly eyes and heart-melting smile, there is a mischievousness matched by no other McNeill…well, maybe.  This little guy has a heart the size of Texas.  He has grown in maturity and singing abilities to the point that he now gets to sing with us!  He loves being a part of The McNeills as much as the rest of us.

Sarah McNeill

Our smiley little spitfire.  Baby girl has PERSONALITY! She may be shy at first, but get to know her a little better and you’ll see her personality shine through. She may be little, but  her love for music is evident.  As soon as the music starts, she’s dancing and often singing! We are so glad that she is willing and able to join us on stage!  Make sure to catch her solo song in concert!

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to the know The McNeills!  We love to hear about our friends too...  so shoot us an e-mail and introduce yourself.  Don't forget to "Like" us Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheMcNeills


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